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You Should Experience Apprenticeships At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here's Why.

Vocational Training in Ireland is the main path towards employment. The access is regulated through learning and practice. Are you looking for a learn and earn opportunity? Do you want to get hired in your twenties? if yes this article is for you. It provides a set of procedures to facilitate the movement of foreigners and their families to work in Ireland. Do not miss the opportunities to discover the recent professional updates.

Why Do You Need an Apprenticeship?

apprenticeships and skills

Many applicants do not have a clear vision for employment. Since 2022 is coming, here is an article to consider the fastest and the safest way to enter the job market; Apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is an education-training program within the framework of meeting seasonal or continental job offers. It is a field of learning and practice in coordination with the relevant national and foreign structures such as the Irish Office of Promotion Migrant Integration. If you are curious about this field, complete reading this article.

Apprenticeships in Ireland:

Apprenticeships are another option leading to employment without insisting on a college degree. Although academic qualifications are more appreciated in Ireland, apprenticeships offer the equal opportunity to work with graduates. It leads to employment in top leading fields such as healthcare, secretarial, manual, technical, and mechanical fields. Apprenticeships have many advantages, here are some of them:

1.Validation of work contracts

It is a procedure that consists in verifying a work contract concluded between an apprentice and an employer. Apprenticeships provide employment under legal conditions. The work contracts are also helpful for foreigners, who wish to obtain a work permit.  Following the  procedures in the hosting country, Apprenticeships provide access to a wider job market. The  Labor regulations validates the access of skilled foreigners not only to this country, but also to other neighboring European countries

2. Employment Benefits:

Adding to the service of validating a work contract, apprenticeships preserve the safety of workers. job seekers, be it Irish or from different nationality, are registered with employment benefits that highlight the following:

-Safety at work: for workers active in hazardous places, employers provide for them safety equipment and medical follow-ups.

-Reimbursed professional accidents

-Accommodation: for workers operating in geological territories and far from residential places, accommodation is ensured for workers engaged to work.

-Paid national holidays

-Pension and retirement with medical insurances

-Possibility of self-employment and  business investment.These are aimed at people who have started working life, that is to say employees in companies, self-employed workers, liberal professions, job seekers, retirees but also students as part of a work-study program. Take a look at; Mandatory employee benefits in Ireland (employer sponsored)


3. Training Oriented towards Active Sectors:

apprenticeship benefits

Sometimes a fresh graduate spends more than 6 months in job search, tests and exams to get the first job. An apprentice is dispensed with job search problems. Many professional sectors are looking for  young apprentices for the great majority in Dublin and its surroundings. It is mainly present in the tertiary sector, particularly in IT, electronics, restaurants and hotels. Four sectors are particularly promising for jobs:

- high technologies: Ireland is the world's leading exporter of software.

- Internet: especially in e-commerce, stock broker, digital marketing.

- telecommunications and customer services

 -chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical equipment industries

 Ireland has faced  a labor shortage, which is why the job pages are teeming with offers in the telecommunications and IT sectors.

Concerning the service sector, the hotel and catering industry remains a dynamic sector, but which mainly offers low-skilled jobs and low wages.

Which Sectors are Growing in Ireland? 2021

4. Acquire a new Diploma

Apprenticeships are not only for school leavers and manual workers. It is also for employees in clerical fields.Obtaining a new diploma is also interesting for progressing, regardless of the field of activity exercised. You can acquire a new diploma by following an apprenticeship program validated by the State. This type of training is a real springboard for the employee's career. Indeed, by obtaining a new diploma, any employee can, as mentioned above, claim a better position within the company. Diploma courses are also a way to enhance the skills of the employee: an employee who perfectly masters his field of activity derives great satisfaction from it.

 5. Update your Skills

The job market is constantly changing. Technological advances and changes in working methods are indeed constant, rendering certain working techniques out of date. Training to update skills is therefore essential for employees wishing to remain competitive and efficient at work. This type of training is also strongly recommended by employers: refusing to take it can be penalizing for the employee, who is often unable to perform their duties effectively. A refusal without a valid reason can even be a cause of dismissal. Take a look at; Ten Reasons Why Career Development Is Common In Ireland.

 6. Training for Professional Retraining

vocational training in Ireland

Following vocational training as part of a specific professional project can allow the employee to prepare for retraining. The latter does not automatically imply a change of company: the employee can easily access a new position within his current company. However, it is preferable for the employee to request a professional interview with his employer in order to discuss his training plan and to determine whether a change of position is possible in the future.

7. Mutual Prosperity:

 Accepting a training offer is beneficial for both employees and employers. On the employee side, training enables skills development, to obtain a new professional qualification, or even to change jobs. It is essential for his professional future. The employer, for his part, improves his image and obtains more motivated and competent employees by setting up training actions. This is a solution full of benefits for both parties. Five Secrets That Experts Of Work Life Don't Want You To Know.

Vocational training is free of cost for teenagers and immigrants.Some companies provide training programs without paid fees.  Adult training is paid and the costs vary, depending on the chosen program and the period of training. In both cases, apprenticeships are known to be of great professional benefit both to the company and to all of its employees. These professional training also contribute to the smooth running of a given company.

These were the top 7 reasons why you should experience apprenticeships. At least once in life, some alternative professional solutions can lead to prosperity at any age, provided that you should have an apprenticeship program suitable to the demands of the industry.


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